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Reviews for ""POTC Megamix" Nintechno"

damn man...this is tight

although this sounds like you've abused sytrus (lol yes i'm an fl user too) this was extremely tight!! I ended up hearing the whole thing. and that usually doesnt happen unless it's THAT hot (like this song lol). kudos to you my friend! ^_^v

oh yeah...also check out Abyss (if you havent yet....cuz it's like best of the week atm until they change it) and Eternal. Those are my 2 songs this year.

Nintechno responds:

Thanks, will do =)


Love the whole thing. Very nice work..
at first i was going to say it was too high pitched..
the treble on my speakers was turned up all the way somehow.

Ever think of doing a legend of zelda megamix?
That'd be cool.

I like the transitions in between versions that distinctly gave the difference between the different versions. Very happytastic overall and a very catchy beat.
Nice work keep it up XD


This song should be on the first place! It lights up a fire inside me... ahhh... you should really make more songs this type. The length is OK, it's not really short, and the sound effects are amazing! Keep up the good work!


its awesome!!!!! I can listen to this ten time in a row and not get tired. Truly, an amazing work of art.
(and the fact that it's three remixes is what makes it so good)


This song completes me