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Reviews for ""POTC Megamix" Nintechno"


Awesome! Best POTC remix yet! Now this review is going to be a bit harsh but im sure you know its just to help you improve =P.

Some tips:
1. Turn wind volume down a bit.
2. When the snare joins the kick make the snare more quiet.
3. Add lots more bass.
4. Focus on transitions to make them smooth.
5. Make crashes more echoy.

Don't get me wrong this song is awesome but if you want it to be perfect work on those things.


(Music review = #501)

Nintechno responds:

Thanks man! ill work on those! BTW, now that i have the full version of Fruity Loops, I can accually take peoples advice and comments and change the song to suit them. instead of implementing it in ym net song.

Thanks again!

Love it, love it, love it

I love POTC and the music from it, and this is just an amazing remix of some of the songs. I absolutely love it. Great job and keep it up! You're awesome!


i love the thunder in it and the start beet and feel lods of songs got bad taste but this 1 is ace i vote 5


I loved it, big fan of the movies original music, bigger fan of this. Great Job! I'd love to see a continuation of 'He's a Pirate'


yes great song fun to dance around to