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Reviews for ""POTC Megamix" Nintechno"

10/10, Once again!

Only joined recently - started listening to all your stuff since I heard POTC "Up is down." I'd give in depth constructive criticism for every song but I'm doing psychology work at the same time so it'll just have to be quick comments. Mostly good though :~).

Yep, 5/5, 10/10. Still think "Up is down" is your ebst audio sub, but this is real good, and if more musicians on NG did stuff like this, well, there'd actually be musicians instead of a select few and the rest just ear-bleeding parasites.


I can't wait for your next megamix!

the best

This is absolutely anazing. I love the transitions between the songs nice flow.

there it is

you are amaxing i can stop listening to you.
i have to admit i did like 'up is down' just a little more than this but still. . .
ok heres a crazy one. i dont know if youve heard the Narnia sound track but I think the songs are alright. theyre not as upbeat as POTC but if your up to it i bet you can make someting amazing. and you dont feel like it or its just not your thing there will be no hate here. keep it up man

F***in' amazing.

Another masterpiece!