Reviews for "(2003)Jacob"


Make something like KRE with clay that would be real funny

Knox responds:


another work of art

*snif*that was beautiful(as in that kicked alot of ass)

Knox responds:

thanks(as in...thanks alot...)

i always think your movies kick ass

You spend a lot of time in these movies and i think their great!!! YOU ROCK

Knox responds:

:) thanks


That's great stuff.... "Hey you're supposed to be dead, go back to sleep!" hahahaha

knox movies all rock

knox your stuff is really how do i say this? IT KICKS ASS ITS ALSOME ESPIALLY YOUR CLAMATIONS ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE MORE BECUASE THE CLAY MOVIES ARE HALARIOUS! THIS KIND OF ANAMATION AND HUMOR IS SOMETHING THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO HAVE ITS PERFECT. well anyway if any one else who reads this thinks that im a kiss ass is a @#%$@!* loser and a morin except for knox whos awsome.