Reviews for "(2003)Jacob"


yay, good one

Knox responds:


back to the good old funny stuff

that was good!rlly fucking funny!make more claymation!

Knox responds:


Number 1 fan

Since you're your own #2 fan, i'll be your #1 fan, mwuahaha =) that means I have to stalk you and wear matching tee-shirts.. um.. what shirt are you wearing now?

movie: It was good! I thought it was funny at some parts but he didn't have to go suicide that way.. he could have jumped into a volcano.. er.. ok it was a good suicide.


Knox responds:

yeah,weird,i didnt know how else to end it,ha ha..i hate when that happens


I liked the way the camera moved around to face something else it was very cool. Like all your movies this was hillarious. I am always checking for when your next thing is coming out so i'll be waiting

Knox responds:

awesome,thanks, ha ha...


That was hillarious. That is one of the best clay movies I have ever seen on Newgrounds. I laughed so hard when they were killing each other. PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE!!!! FIVEN!

Knox responds: