Reviews for "(2003)Jacob"

it's hammer time

get it it's a hammer lol again great job.

well done

haha pretty CrAzY, i loved it man

very nice.

oh man, that was great.i watched the whole thing in a unstopable level of laughter.that was funny as hell when he fell on the cell-phone.now i gotta just watch the next one.



Funny, very funny!

I love this Klay-mation!
It's so funny how the characters deliver their lines in kinda a monotone way. I mean, the world could be blowing up around them and they'd be like "Oh, yeah. The world is blowing up....or something...so, you wanna get a pizza?" (My quote, not Knox's, although he can use it if he wants.)
Great stuff. I like, totally live or something, for Knox's Klay-mations.