Reviews for "(2003)Jacob"

All tens again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silly Jacob. Now that was a good flash. Well, seeya i'm gonna see the rest of the flashes.

fucking halarious

this is the best movie ever. dude, your just fucking halarious.

I found more Easter eggs

1: s.m in the sparks
2: Knox is god
3:I really didnt understand the puppet one, but i know its an easter egg.
Nice flash again

Sweet :P

My favourite classic knox movie. Pure genious. I've seen Jacob2 but i want more JACOB.

Wallace & Gromit

LOL! This reminds me of Wallace & Gromit and I could imagine what it would be like if one these clay models was Wallace and the other was Gromit. Imagine that. Anyway graphics were great, sweet humour, perfect sounds, lots of talking, bloody gory, now that's all I can say about this, except...this rocks!!!