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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"


that sounds...the music...three seperate tracks were playing at the same time at the end....
Aside from that, its another spritefight, with some attempted style. The mix of drawings and sprites could work, but the drawings would need heavy improving, no offence
A lot more effort shows in this than in a lot of stuff here, even though thats really not saying anything.
You should have cleaned it up though,,..theres more than a single instance where theres more than one sprite of knux at the same time, and the custom (punshing) bits of sprites were anything but good, im sorry to say
although I will say keep at it. potential does show, but it will need a heavy amnount of nurturing.

I do not like it, exepet 1 thing

The thing i like is When Tails won!!!!!!!!!!

That's funny!!


Sonic didn't rip off DBZ >>

Chakra-X responds:

When did I say he did? That specific ENDING was a rip off, because it was supposed to be, not the whole Sonic franchise.

Ehh... It Sucked

All of the finishes were gay and even the fighting. I'd honestly rather see someone poop than see this in the first place.

im going to be truthful

this was terrible...im sorry but its true