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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Gotta love the ??? And matrix rips off endings ^^

Another duel flash... still it was interesting to see what swish can do apart from those mostly over the top text effects... -_- There were a few minor sound bugs but other then that I enjoyed watching it, I can't believe no-one did a Sonic vs Knuckles duel flash sooner actually! So props to ya for that if nothing else =)

Power to the Debuggers!

w00t! Man, that was awesome. After this, I even went on Sonic 2 and used Debug Mode. Man, Ashura was cool... So much cooler than sonic... Anyway, yeah. The originals were cooler. 'Cept shadow. Oh yeah, and somethin' that looks alot like NAZO is coming out in an XBOX 360 game. Rock on, Sonic t. Hedgehog.

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couldve been better

this is ok but couldve been better i f u really cared about it If I were you I would do a remake of this movie.

its ok's I guess

I liked the ??? ending the most :D.

that was ok