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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Heya wot a movie

Even i have to admit that movie was one of the best flashes i ever saw and so logn....wow! it got a bit borign at the end but i spose that the movie was definetely over average!!! great movie keep going like that you will be on the front page every day.


Im sick and tired of these reviewers

God all i ever hear from reviewers when there is a sonic vs whatever is that its a rip off from DBZ. Personally i think we have to asume that almost every sonic vs thing is kidda related to DBZ because there both are pretty similar. As for the movie, Good idea and loved the endings but the sound and graphics were sumthing to improve on (and i know that this was done a while ago so i hope u have improved by then).


It could certainly be better,
but not many people can accomplish this much,
and some endings made me laugh, so,
you get a good 7 xD

This flash is why you should watch...

...an artists work in chronal order. It's better than some of the other early works I've seen but against your Nazo Unleashed Trilogy it just won't stack up.

Oh, and was torrenting even existent when this was made?

The Past still holds a torch....

I liked it, though it's dated, but you "???" ending was the best by far, having classic Sonic and Knuckles beat the new Sonic and Knuckles.