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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

A very entertaing flash . . . not just SS, DD.

Anyone whoz seen "Dreamcatcher" will know what that meanz. Anyway, this movie wuz a LOT more entertaining than I presumed. So many endingz . . . even the rip-offz seemed kool. And I liked your integration of spritez and drawn art. Kind of sketchy, but, thatz nothing new. Awwww SHIT, my fantasy baseball teamz are gettin rocked . . . gotta blaze.


-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

nice work

nice large custom sprite work, dbz was a nice touch only beef was in the kung fu scene, i saw two knuckles overlaping eachother. overall wall done

Heya wot a movie

Even i have to admit that movie was one of the best flashes i ever saw and so logn....wow! it got a bit borign at the end but i spose that the movie was definetely over average!!! great movie keep going like that you will be on the front page every day.



could be better...

This flash is why you should watch...

...an artists work in chronal order. It's better than some of the other early works I've seen but against your Nazo Unleashed Trilogy it just won't stack up.

Oh, and was torrenting even existent when this was made?