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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

2 things

for beginning Sonic DOESN'T have chaos control -.-"

what's the music from matrix mode?

Lol the past pwned the present

Lol nice vid especially loved it when the classic characters made their appearance. You also make a good point the classics have the ability to use debug mode something almost nobody would know about these days. Great work

Funny as hell

The animation was pretty good though nowhere near the Nazo series but I'll forgive it since you didn't have flash .The winner select feature was awesome. My favorite ending is probably the DBZ knockoff or the ????? one. Nice work.

Dont play with guns kids...

This tottally reminds me of Sonic and Shadow vs Pokemon

The classics always rule

Classic Sonic and Knuckles won because they're the best great movie loved all the different endings and stuff. Respect!