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Reviews for "Link's Final Saga Part 2"

the first one was funny enough

but this one was great. i bet megaman when to dr lights house to get wasted with links money lol.thnx for the laughs

not bad

it made me laugh, i liked it

Suckiest bunch of Sucks that ever Sucked

Note to Author: Next time time a little thing called animation, it done using a series of pictues in rapid sucsetion to one anthor the create the illution of movement, try it some time. You only stole these from some 3 rate rom, it's not like you had to draw these or something, next time don't be so damn lazy.

eklobo responds:

Hey man i dont see you making any flash movies, so instead of writing crap for other peoples movies why dont you stop being so DAMN LAZY and go do your own movies.

It was alright

I just watched both parts...thought it was a bit cheesy. The audio also skipped a bit when they were outside of the castle (where it was raining, but the rain wasn't moving), but the audio skipping may just have been my computer.

And what does Megaman have to do with Zelda?