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Reviews for "samba di mausland"

Great I now have to wear glasses.....

That was a great game. Really fast-paced and solid.

My brain blew up.

I think I had a stroke. What a great job by you! Such a terrific idea for a game and I thought you hit it out of the park. The fonts were great; the characters were great; the music was great; the scoring was great. And it really become more difficult as it got more intense. I truly thought I was going to pass out. If I had been on LSD, I would have probably tried to smash my head into the monitor. Good thing I wasn't on LSD because I like my monitor. And I would have been pissed when I woke up. A good thing then…


a great game for passing the time but it does get a little bit repetitive. needs more levels and songs but the default song is pretty catchy. awsome game.


Awesome work!!!
I had a feeling there was a subliminal message in there, i had a sudden erge to porn!
Great i got to rank C!
Keep it up Wiesi Mausland

Love it

Good job Mausland, I know long for my old country again [Brasil]. The originality of it is what really made it great. Great music and seizure-inducing backgrounds. :P