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Reviews for "samba di mausland"

Man that was awsome.

And also, don't listen (or read) to what people post if it's not going to be good. Some people are racist, and there's nothing you can do about it. And it's not like you really need to learn spanish to play this game, either.

wow! great trauma indulcing game!

Yay! i made it to rank c..(came close to d but bah..) great game that made me feel as if i was playing some kind of weird ddr game...my only downfall is that there should be more music...maybe one per rank or per level? great job overall


You might wanna get a restraining order against that NixFlo guy..... I think hes a little obesessed man


i like it!

this game is fun

i love this game and the music is fun to listen 2 good job