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Reviews for "samba di mausland"

very fun for a short period of time

man this is another good addition to your games. and a word from the "wise". put up a warning for people with epilepsy, i almost died in part C.
gj and keep it up.:D

Rank C 37846 points

Not the most addictive game you have but variety is key. Basically just let your mind flow and keep making those games from all the ideas you come up with. You haven't let us down yet.

A perversion of a beautiful game.

It seems messed up that you'd start and rank Z and that randk C would be better...

The idea of making the background flash so the maracas are harder to see is an interesting one, but the game just shouldn't have the SdA references.

To be anything resembling a rhythm game, the maracas should at least come in some sort of beat. The characters don't go well at all with the red/yellow flashes and it just looks garish.

Wasn't much fun imo.

that song

That song's called "Samba de Janeiro" by Bellini. Was the german summer hit in... er.. like 1997? Ah, the good times... ;)

Very good!

I would like to know what song is playing during that game. It's a very good game and the song fits it very well. I'm a fan of your work.