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Reviews for "samba di mausland"


I was really close to having a seizure because of the backgrounds

this game is fun

i love this game and the music is fun to listen 2 good job

seizure warning

its a very well made game, but I agree with a previous review, it would be cooler if you made the stuff appear on screen in a rhythm following the beat of the song.

lol I couldn't get higher than rank C either. I got 38225 points or something.
the flashing screen makes the shit much harder to see.

the game itself is pretty bizarre , Ive not seen anything like it hehe.

reading the reviews it sort of looks like nobody gets higher than rank C?
4 on violence for the havok it wreaked on my eyes!


Awesome work!!!
I had a feeling there was a subliminal message in there, i had a sudden erge to porn!
Great i got to rank C!
Keep it up Wiesi Mausland


i like it!