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Reviews for "samba di mausland"


You might wanna get a restraining order against that NixFlo guy..... I think hes a little obesessed man

My brain blew up.

I think I had a stroke. What a great job by you! Such a terrific idea for a game and I thought you hit it out of the park. The fonts were great; the characters were great; the music was great; the scoring was great. And it really become more difficult as it got more intense. I truly thought I was going to pass out. If I had been on LSD, I would have probably tried to smash my head into the monitor. Good thing I wasn't on LSD because I like my monitor. And I would have been pissed when I woke up. A good thing then…

8-| Good game 8-)

Just the music alone makes this a great game, but I think it could do with more of a chalenge in it, then again putting the quality down low speeds it up and I sometimes miss so I guess the quality can also be the dificulty level :). Oh! and by the way, it don't hurt my eyes n I played the game for about 30 minutes trying to get a higher score :P. Ðæñ036ö ²ºº³

It was sweet!

I loved this game!! Its just like the episode in Japan that gave 700 kids a ceasure and they had ta be taken to the hospital! You know the one, where pikachu's eyes flash red repediatly. Hee hee...


This game is great it hurt my eyes but its very addictive.