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Reviews for "samba di mausland"


i think thats the best game (besides franks adventure) you've made and their all great =)

my eyes still hurt... but in a good way!

it was kinda nice but...

Man... do ya really now what samba is? here we dont use shakers or sombreros... I know this is a big world and all and you dont really need to know that there´s no cactus in brazil... it not that i´m ofended but... people for other contryes should stop looking at latin america like that... we are not all the same ya know...
and that isn´t really samba... not that i like samba but... that isn´t it!


I havent played it in like 5 minutes and my eyes are still freaking out it was great i love this feeling, dude it was great. also i loved your franks adventure series oyu should make jsut a movie of a bunch of nude anime girsl liek that its great.


What a nice game. I like how the flashing makes it hard to focus, what a challenge. Why to the people have curled noses? Is there any way to get higher than a rank C? The time runs out, it looks as if there is much more after the part I get to.


I love teh song aswell as the game, it's a good DDR song too..