Reviews for "Edgar and Sabin"

FF6 rocks

This flash is awesome. But yeah bring in more tools like the crossbow, or the Flash machine, I have yet to see a ff6 flash use the flash tool, otherwise this ownz

Good shit!

It takes real skill to restore FF6 stuff. That is a classic and blending the old music with the new music. Good shit my friend.

Yep, I like it.

Well done!!! It's nice to see the characters from my favorite Final Fantasy game in a movie. (Is it FF3 or FF6)?? Hard to keep these damn releases from Japan and the good ol' U.S. straight. The story is good, keep developing it please. And bring in some of Edgar's weapons from the game if possible. I'd really love to see the chainsaw. Good job, and keep at it.

PLZ make more

Dude great animation great start of a storyline, Edgar is my faorite FF6 characters and FF6 is one of the best FF of all time.


i really loved this flick. i'm sure everyone would like to see the rest, so keep it up!