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Reviews for "Clock Legends"




Wow, good stuff

Took me forever, but I finally beat it and got all 9 little thingies. What annoys me though is there isnt anything special after you get them all. All in all it was pretty enjoyable, hope to see another one.


This game kicks ass! I mean man, you are awesome and not just "er I did one groovy animation and now I'm good" awesome, I mean way up there krinkels and xiao xiao awesome I just wish I could beat stuff with the scepter.

PS. Make a sequel!

cableshaft responds:

There was going to be a sequel, and one of the main things I was going to add was the ability to swing the scepter, as a matter of fact. The two artists that were working on it got too busy to work on it, though, and I got side tracked by other projects / school / work (see CC Fight Club). You might see a sequel once I get a solid platforming engine built, though. I'd still like to make one.

strawberry clock is cool!

the game is amazing with great graphics. great music, and even a giant steak clock! your game is the best game I've played on newgronds!congarts! you've earned 10 more minuts of life!

sexey hampsters.

This was great but far 2 hard. Plese B fair I love clok crew but this Is inpossibole.