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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

nice concept but..

The jumping is difficult.. and you get no lives, and whenever you respawn or retry it goes back to the beginning of the level; well it may be your style of fairness gameplay i guess.

Great old school mario concept, good job.

one question

what the hell is the point of collecting the peggys? nothing happens at the end if you do or dont?

Yeah, I don't like clocks

But that doesn't change the fact that is damn well done game

This is a severly addictive game!

The game is awsome and you can see the amout of time the author put into this game. Good graphics, good control and a kick ass background song. Good work.

kinda challenging......

very good fash platformer! (y cant i do that!! T.T) it was a bit rough though, my right hand hurts soo damn much, could u maybe put some length between the buttons?

this one really changed my view about clock crew games/movies as well as "The portal" (they used to be kinda sucky at first)

overall a very cool game (r the little fuzzy things supposed to look like pokemon?)