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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


nice. very.

god dammit!!!!

I wish I had a faster computer than this peice of shit junkpile sitting next to me so I could play this game without slowdown!!!!! damn!!!!

p.s. The sayin power was hillarious! I'm a big fan of dbz.


Possibly ..underrated game?


Steep learning curve, great sound, great gameplay, and that weird noise strawberry makes when he goes saiyan is funny, even though I think everyone should just let the Dragonball series die already, at least its not super DBZ-ish (that IS a word dammit!)

Awsome flash platformer

This is the coolest flash platformer ive ever played, wish i was a bit better at it, but nice job on making it a hard game and not some easy to play washed up piece of crap, id like to see another with this kind of challenge, nicely done.