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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

needs other controls

it's hard to play because of the odd controls, some things cannot be played by just using the arrow keys.
Changing the controls would bring this game to a whole new level.
It's fun, but as said before, pretty hard, mainly because arrows keys aren't supposed to be played with with two hands...

Now I'll never know if SB will save the Portal ;-;


The cartoon style graphics were crisp and I really liked the bgm music you used. After playing the game, I can see why it took a great deal of time to make. My only suggestion is to up the violence a notch and insert some amusing text or sprites (something that appeals to others, not only inside jokes within the clock crew). I liked the difficutly level. To me, it was slightly challenging and im an extreme gamer. I give you two thumbs up. We need more games like this on newgrounds. Thanks for putting the time in.

I got all 8 peggeys :)

That game was great, the music, the art, and the game play were all above the standard for this type of hell, hell I've played retail games that were worse then this.
I think you've raised the bar for all future platform games on NG.
Just one question, what is that music that plays during the main game play parts (not the boss).

cableshaft responds:

My goal was to make a game that would remind people of the classic SNES and Genesis games in almost every way. I came pretty close this time, I'll try to come even closer next time around. The main music loop was "Tranceland" by Obelix.


Amazing game, and fairly difficult. Only problem I have is that the play control can be a little unresponsive, especially at the boss.

Really hard but good fun

I like the idea of the strawberry and it;s a fun game to play even tho it is hard. The graphics are awsome and this is probably the best platform game I've played in ages... I can't wait for the sequal.