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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


The clock brand leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it was a good game.


I gave humor a 0 'cause this game is hecka frustrating. Its to hard for me. That stupid strawberry with the gun keeps killing me. I gave it a 9 for interactivity because I don't like the controls either. Make space the jump button. Besides that I don't see the difference in jumping and speed when you use the Kame Hame Ha.

One of the best I've seen!

Very good. Graphics were great, and the sounds/background music work very well with it.
I agree with others that the game was little on the tough side, but I guess it's better then too easy!
The controls were very responsive, but I've been used to arrows to move button to jump games, so it took me a little while to get used to it.
I just can't wait until the sequel!

cableshaft responds:

<3 Aba!

How's Tetris Attack coming along? I'm still stuck on getting that stupid recursion function working properly.

Not Bad

It was a good platformer, but its missing out on action man. Have strawberry be able to defend himself. Also, at 3 megs, what takes up all the space man? Anyway, to tritoch, ive emailed you earlier and im just trying to make a second attempt. Would you mind letting me use these graphics to let me program a second version of clock legends? Im pretty confident i might be able to some improvements in some places.



This a great platform game. Good Job!