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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


That's a lotta fun! Looks great too! REAAAALLY hard tho...but maybe I just suck ;).

Let me summarise

Playing this game is like dousing yourself in petrol, then intentionally setting yourself alight. Except then for some reason that goes beyond my understanding you seem to want to do it again.

Two hours later you stumble into your bed still humming the boss battle theme, having mastered the split second perfectionistic 'damn I hope I get this right' series of jumps and dashes that actually pass the level, let alone the boss.

For those of you complaining about the steak, or the assault rifle guy.. well.. yeah. Give up now. This game is probably as hard as that 'red ninja' game I heard about that no-one in history had ever managed to beat.

As for my tips. Use super-saiyan at the very start of a jump and you'll get heaps of air. Do it right the jump before the gun guy and you can get right past him AND get the little guy without using another. Honest. The bosses sludge things can be avoided, you just have to charge forward from the edge of the screen at the exact moment the thing first bounces. I'm talking split seconds. I wish I was kidding. You need two perfect jumps in a row (mash the up button) to get onto the second ledge before he does his all destroying disgusting arm attack. Miss that ledge and you're gone.

Two (maybe) bugs that no-one has pointed out yet: first, saiyan powers should not diminish from what you HAD when you first got to the boss. You quickly run out. Second, score should not keep INCREASING when you continue at the boss. Hits on him increase score. If you die, you keep it. When you continue, you keep it.

I really wish I had never seen this game. It would have gotten ten if this had been the last of, you know, three shorter levels.



only kidding.

excellent game. hard, but excellent.


I had fun playing that! But it was too hard for me. I died everytime i got up to the spikes, but i was only playing it for 5mins. Fantastic flash work. I really liked it.

very good.

a nice game, yet needs to have a restart button, because i really pressed buttons, and when he fall off the cliff, he was only stuck, and i had to restart and open the window again.