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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

Im speachless!

Holy shit. This is so addicting and fun.


how do u beat the credit card with the gun

this couldn't be made by flash

its to good to be made by flash but that steak guy... hmmm... thats weird... and i don't get how you can use your sayain power, but this inspires me to make my own game but not in flash. this is good and nicely drawln, and is super fun but, that steak is just really over cooked as a boss I can't figure out how to beat it and is it a boss in the first place? but other than that it I'll give it a 15... (10 review and 5 as giving it a rating on the blam to w00t all my 5 r' skale) nice make a sequal!

Fun and challenging!

Excellent game! Yes, the space bar would be better for the jump key, but everything else is great. It's a challenging game, but that's a good thing! It's all about using the saiyan power at the right time in the jump. The music and entire concept are great, would love to play the sequel.

O o yeah oo yeah yeahyeah

Friken awsome man! GJ