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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

Just imagine...

Just imagine if this was release on a console in the early 90's i think wed all have Strawberry clock lunchboxes and teeshirts because this game rockes, best flash game ive ever played. I WANT ME AND YOU WILL SUPPLY ME or ill... ill.... ok fine i cant do anything just give me more, i'm like a crackhead without crack!!!!!


man that was killer

that was great! but it would be a whole heap better if instead of having just one life and then restarting at the beginning if you could have more than one and not have to press restart all the time

well done


I love this game. I haven't beatin it yet, but it's soo much fun. If I knew how to program a game like this, I would make it like super mario....with weapons. Anyways, great game. 5 from me.

its way awesome

its like if mario brothers, and pokemon, and dragon ball z
were squashed into an awesome clock game

never played it

i have actually never played this game but i remember seeing the work in progress on tritochs site when he would update his site with new sprites and stuff and it looked amazing i followed it until it finished
amazing art and animation 10/10
gameplay i have no idea but its probably great