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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

This Game Pretty Much Rocks...

The Only Gripe I have is that i wish it had more than just onelevel...at first is hard but as long as you learn how u can do the whole running jumping kamehameha the game is pretty easy...Overall nice work I would ask for more levels but I know sometime flash is a pain to deal wit...So Thanx for submitting a great game to NG. Long Live The Clock Crew! And FUCK DA HATAZ DAMMIT!!!!

Holy mother fucking shit!

Cable Aeiri u guys have to be the best flash platformers every this game fucking blows every game out of the water even beats Megaman in my book. This is fucking awesome!!!

Holy shit!

I have to say this is the best game I've ever played on NG. Its hard, the boss it discusting which makes it really cool. I love the graphics and the backround music. The boss is hard even on easy mode, just finished beating him without any super saiyan stuff. INFO) use the lag to your advantage! Whoever blams this game is a loser. The score should be higher than 3.91.
THX for a great game.

i hate how people do this

wen people diss movies just becuz their clock movies that doesnt make any sense


This game is the best game.