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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


Awesome game. Expecting a sequel.

An awesome flash artist is joo!

great game

this is good, but its not really creative, you just took some gay music, put it in a scene from mario land 3 (i think its mario 3 for the nintendo or its either yoshis island, i dont know wich one) anyways, its preatty good


Te Word addiction comes to mind when watching me holding down the right arrow and flying through the level. i'm so Pro right now @.@

1 problem..like everyoen says Easy mode is chalenging, and i beat it..up to the mutant Peggy.(i was reading the reveiws and someone called peggys poke'mon, i spit at j00) Anyway..I belive Strawberry clock was a confused man at his time. If he came back and seen the work you guys have done..i bet he would gladly lead the way to Newgrounds into a new era of Flash cartoons.
Goodjob man, Keep this Stuff on newgrounds. Not asking for much..except for more!

Insanly addicting

i luv it even tho my keborard frezzes up making me move when i dont want to its FUN im putting it on my fav submissions of all time btw the peggeys are pokemon for all u non players or they at least look like em


no other word for it, just mint!

i aint really a great fan of clocks, but when games of this standard r submitted it doesn't matter. they r ace, no arguement about it, they deserve a mint score without any reference of the genre.