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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

It was... ok

This game wasn't the best thing I have ever played, and I would tell anynoe new about it but it's a solid game and sorta fun...

Not too good.

Nice graphics and all, but gameplay is terrible. I understand that challenging games are good, but... it shouldn't be a challenge just to control your character. Easy mode is next to impossible, and I ain't even gonna bother with Hard.

nice try but no cigar

Ok the controls were awful the Saiyan powers had no point whatsoever. The graphics were good very good not as great as Stephen segal cartoons but still undeniably good. I thought the sound was okay. This whole clock thing is been milked so much though it's really got beyond a joke. The other thing is the fact you had to restart even with the slightest knocks.

fuck it

wtf, a giant steak, and then a platform thats to far away to jump on. make games that are fun.