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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

One of da BEST games on NG!

Except why are there pok'e'mon he has to save?But besides that great game!

Been playing it for a while but.

It's still fanatistic. One of, if not the best Clock Crew related games ever. I love Tritoch's artwork.


You never submitted it?

I coudl've swore you did. Oh well, I always had fun playing it at the cc arcade. I like the updates, he always used to slide when he ran, not anymore.

great game

i am trying to be a big clock crew supp-orter and i want to let the clock crew people get to know me

Exploding Mutant Peggys..... Wuz next?

That was awesome! I'm sure nobody else made it to the end though, so I won't give anything away. Even though I already did it. But it is hard untill you study the patterns of each section. I never could get that peggy in the thorns without dieing though. Nice music, especially for the boss. And why is meatclock{The steak} so big?
*Adding this game to favorites.*


cableshaft responds:

Yep :P. Nothing is random in the game, except the boss attacks at the end, so once you get the pattern down, you can breeze through the level every time.

Meatclock is big because he's like the CC equivalent of Godzilla.