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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


This was one of the best platform i have ever played in my life!!!it is right up there with Mario!!! your skills in flash is flawless...LORDY!!! ALL HAIL STRAWBERRY CLOCK!!! he is again the star of a sick ass flash....

A real review from a real person.

The person who reviewd this movie as a piece of crap is an asshole. Nothing more to it. Good work, it's a beautiful game.

Very Nice. Tough but fun.

I thought that this game was a blast. Sure, I died at least 50 times before I won, but I didn't feel like ripping my hair out at all.

One question: What is the name of that DDR song?

PS: To all you guys out there who haven't beaten it yet: Use the Saiyan Power while jumping off the platform after Steak Clock to get by (And possibly destroy) RC Clock. If you need any other help, email me @ vigil_ante@hotmail.com

it was ok

i liked this game but the things u call peggys are pokemon. they r a pokemon called "swinub".i want a sequel with fighting

cableshaft responds:

Yeah, I know. I didn't create the Peggey deal. It was an existing Clockcrew fad (see TEH PEGGEY MOVEE, a classic that inspired the concept of the game). Sequel will have fighting, I still have to figure out how to make it not utterly derivative and boring though.


Fun and challenging.

Everyone looking for Tranceland, Obelix has posted it on MP3.com

check the audio link. Love that song :P