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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


REALLY GOOD GAME! I like the ending that the Mutated Mole explodes, but i do notice that clock crew works have things from games, like that mario like background, the METROID PRIME music in R, the AHUM* Computer Reading Program that is used to make voices in THE PORTAL OUTTAKES.

Not too good.

Nice graphics and all, but gameplay is terrible. I understand that challenging games are good, but... it shouldn't be a challenge just to control your character. Easy mode is next to impossible, and I ain't even gonna bother with Hard.

great game!!!

the one problem is theres no checkpoints or anything, and it is not to hard, klrmkgv you dick!

Thanks for the tribute. Go clocks!

That was awesome! It blew me away the first few times I played it but then it got pretty hard. Oh well. But it's ADDICTIVE!! Aahh, maybe I'll play it one more time...CRAP! One more time...

kick ass

game kicks ass, but im just wondering how long you clocks spend in that purple haze caused by smokin grass?