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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

Holy mother fucking shit!

Cable Aeiri u guys have to be the best flash platformers every this game fucking blows every game out of the water even beats Megaman in my book. This is fucking awesome!!!

Great Stuff

I really like this game. The only thing i would change would be to add like a "lives" thing. Like having 3 lives instead of 1 before you have to start over. Good job overall. I cant wait for the second one!


This a great platform game. Good Job!

You are a Saint...

Probaly one of the only good games on Newgrounds. The game is hard, but still, a good challenge is fun. It took my probaly 2 hours of work to beat the game and the boss, mostly the boss was hard until I found a technique but the boss was the best. The boss had an awsome intro and when you beat him, his top eye explodes and he just like pours blood out lol, damn mutant peggey was so hard, but it satisfied me watchnig him blow up. :) I'll look forward to another. Keep up the great work!


i think this is one of my first good flash Platforms!
yes VERY hard, even on Easy, but addicting, im getting further! sometimes dieing in previous spots... but still getting there

though would be better if it supported use of my Gamepad... but i could try the program that came with mine...hmm.... ill go try that