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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

Best game in recent memory!

This will go down as one of the greatest games ever to appear on NewGrounds! Apart from a few bugs, this is a fantastic game. It's a little to easy to get shot by the clock with the semi-auto rifle, you may want to make the hit zones smaller, and sometimes it didn't let SBC jump right after jumping from another platform, but overall this is a fun, addictive, and VERY challenging game. It's almost TOO hard. It took me the greater part of an hour and a half to beat the game getting all the Peggeys on hard mode without using saiyan power. Anyways, keep up the good work. This deserves to be number 1 in the Portal, not friggin' Return to Gannondorf.


Te Word addiction comes to mind when watching me holding down the right arrow and flying through the level. i'm so Pro right now @.@

1 problem..like everyoen says Easy mode is chalenging, and i beat it..up to the mutant Peggy.(i was reading the reveiws and someone called peggys poke'mon, i spit at j00) Anyway..I belive Strawberry clock was a confused man at his time. If he came back and seen the work you guys have done..i bet he would gladly lead the way to Newgrounds into a new era of Flash cartoons.
Goodjob man, Keep this Stuff on newgrounds. Not asking for much..except for more!

Work more.

Cool game all though didnt complete it only came to the spike things that bugs. First of when Strawberry jumps he flipps up on the flyin rocks, the clock with the rifle... Strawberry gets killed if his staff gets hit erm? And he even get's killed if he's to close of the gunfire... I played Easy wich would be Hard and hard would be very hard. Make it easier if it is gonna be easy.

Great game and all but again, too hard

I dont really get how to USE the saiyan power. it says it makes you float in Easy mode, but I still drop like a lead strawberry! It makes it really hard to time everything just right.

My tip is to jsut hold the saiyan power untill Steakclock passes you. Lot easier than getting the Peggey and jumpping up the three platforms. But the farthest I ever got was just past the spikes that come out of the ground past the one canned-clock with the gun. (who was that exactly???)

~*Blam yous! Blam yous all to hell!*~


but that saiyan power was kinda gay. probally cuz i hate DBZ. But that game owned ass! great job clocks!