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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

A winner is joo!

Very nice! Takes a while to get the level down, but overall a fun and challenging game. Beat him without Saiyan power either! y4y m3!


that game was hard, i only made it past that trigger happy clock bastard once. nevertheless it was probably the best game ive played on here ever. the character movement of strawberry clock was actually superb and the music was also a great choice. Its going in to the top 50 no doubt. well done for making such a great game

Kinda too many bugs...

..but a great game!
Just gotta say, you can't jump or move while in sayian mode on easy nor hard. In that case, how?

It's a darn good game

Smoothest flash platformer evar.

But uh, you need help on those moving platforms. Too fucking annoying those things can be.

Make more levelsss.


that game kicked ass. i honestly sucked at it, but that isnt what counts. amazing game! keep it up.