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Reviews for "Clock Legends"

Im sorry but its just too fucking hard..

I mean wtf, I was on EASY setting... Half the time it looks like you die when you dont even hit the jumping frog things. It took me ages to finally get over that bastard steak thing. Then when I finally did I couldn't get over the jump because trying to use that special move sucks. Finally got over the gap (although I dont know how I managed it) and as soon as I did I got killed by the gun thing.

If it wasn't so hard and I had got the chance to play the game then I might have rated it higher.

Difficult but good.

The game is the best I've played (so far) on Newgrounds. The game is difficult but enjoyable. it is very tricky to try beating the boss without they saiyan powers. The music is far better than the electronic beeping I'm used to on old 2-D platformers back in the eighties and early nineies. The background and the characters are nicely and cleanly drawn even though the background looks borrowed from Super Mario Bros.

now strawberry really is the king of the poral.


very nice

yes yes very nice

Insanly addicting

i luv it even tho my keborard frezzes up making me move when i dont want to its FUN im putting it on my fav submissions of all time btw the peggeys are pokemon for all u non players or they at least look like em