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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


Good job, Theres a trick to getting past the steak, just stand still and use your saiyan power which makes you invincible, the steak will pass right through you,don't even bother trying to jump over it as this is much easier.

Practice Makes Perfect

This game is as stated earlier, too damn hard. Controls are annoying too. I mean the controls are easy to use even if you were a monkey but you really have to press them down and be super careful. Style was good, no violence apart from any Mario game. Kinda funny that you use a clock and the enemies are funny looking too. Graphics were good, not great. Clear sound, though the music got annoying. Average interactivity. All and all a pretty good but hard flash.


Graphics are great, animation moves smoothly, my only problem w/ the game is the fact that the main character is a strawberry. With a clock for a face. Still, a must play... by the way, DarkSoul98, you´re a fucking fag. Eat shit n die.

It was funny...

I mean come on a strawberry cmon and a steak clock that is awesome... Well i think its cool and keep makin more,,

Just too damned hard...

Seriously, same problem as SixtyNiner had, it's too damned hard!