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Reviews for "Clock Legends"


I'v played alot of games in my time and this one is just the best i have ever played on ng.I'v almot done my goal; beat the game without using any sayain mode get all the peggys and do it all in hard mode iv done this in easy but 2morrow itl be done i dnt care if it takes me 2 hours i will do it!!! anyways yeh awsome game man.
It would be nice to c a sequel with a bit different plot to it like strawberry clock has to save his friends because theyve been captured by <<insert evil clock name>> and this time hes got a sword an different keys do different sword moves. And at the end a sword duel by strawberry clock and <<insert bad clock name>>.


You're game is cool and I hope you guys make the sequel real soon. :)

Pure Gold !

that was a awsome game the reason i gave it a 5 for violants is becouse of the mutant piggy for a end boss i mean HE SPITS OUT BALLS OF GUTS TO SMASH YOU FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! but over all its an awsome game oh and i was wondering could your make it a little easyer lol it was hard for me the game master to beat it lol and in the next one could you mabey put a story in it ....Pure Gold man..Pure Gold

This is becoming more better than before.

Although some clocks make shitty flash but this game is worthy. You are lucky that I have voted 5 on this game daily. I am surprised that most of the revievers like this game. You have done well. Make more flash shit later.

A great platformer!

I gave it a 6 for humor because of the steak clock.It is extremely hard but it's better when a game has a challenge.Make more!