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13 minutes goes by very fast when you are thinking

Excellent movie. I always do love to hear the philosophy of others and was surprised to find a philosophical movie in the NG portal. I learned something in school about Greek philosophy and religion and now i can comment about it :). I remember they believed in a story about how all of the emotions were accidently set free to the universe and the most dangerous one was said to be Hope.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Why, I do indeed recall that tale. I do not remember the details of it, but I'm glad you too wish to add to the added philosofical note to the Portal. Thank you for your kind words, and happy Clock Day.

hrm... I have thought of such things before.

Here's my opinion of the whole thing(which is constantly changing, so a week from now it could be totally different).
Keep with me here... it gets complicated... ok, everything is made of atoms. meaning our brains our made of atoms as well. and it has been proven that our thoughts are simply the chemical reactions between those atoms. or, if you want to go even more in depth... atoms are made of light. meaning everything is merely varying densitys of light. so, basicly, everything... is pointless... but yes, i agree with you in thinking "live because you can" ect. ect. great flash, im glad to be given this opportunity to share my views to you all.


ok,heres why:
Graphics:Good,so fucking good.
Sound:Nothing fancy,damn good.
Interactivity:Its a movie,not a damn game.
Style:The meaning of life,ahh,what a great subject.

My opinion on the meaning of life:Yes,you did describe it well and made me think.But,isnt enjoying the passage of time?

Whoa! This is a good movie...

What's the meaning of life? That's very deep, more so if it's from a cat w/ a clock on his forehand.

Yes, I agree w/ most of the movie, especially about hope. I totally think hope runs the universe, but who knows, we'll never know entirely. All I know is that there are many things we can do instead of wondering why we exist. Maybe there is a omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience god who knows, and there's as much chance that one doesn't exist...

In conclusion, WATCH THIS MOVIE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I for one, as a psychology student, think your flash is SUPERB, straight 10 for you dude