Reviews for "Clockclocks clockday"


I loved it!
Go make some more!


Pretty good.
I can't comeplain about this one (yes shocking isn't it?) well done Clockclock you crumpet eating B!

movie sucked but itogation

needs to understand he is the reason gay is an insult. it means you just bitcha nout everyhting you bitch fag homosexual.

why do you use homosexuality as an insult??

its people lik eyou that make newgrounds shit, some people actually have somthing worthwhile to contribute to this site. go crawl into a corner and die...or at least use your flash skills to make somthing.

mrsimon responds:

I did'nt mean homosexual, I meant... erm *Checks dictionary* oh..... woops *Runs away to Antartic*

God damn dog. That was some funny ass shit!

And why the fuck is the ACCC whatching CC movies if you hate them soo fucking much? morons!!