Reviews for "Clockclocks clockday"


BBBBBBB!!! BBB!! OMFG i wub dis film!!! er// flash... B B B B B B BBBBBBBBBB!!!


Loved it... most of the New Grounds movies can't make me laugh, but this did. As do most clock movies with "B" or something stupid like that.

Great flash!

Well, first of all I would just like to say I am with beanies520 - If you could let us know the names of the songs used in this, that would be great. That aside, this was a great movie... this, along with The Portal and soon-to-come Portal 2 have given me new faith in the Clock Crew. Thank you for an entertaining flash!

mrsimon responds:

The song used in the intro is called 'Simon says' by Pharoah Monch. The one used in the action sequence was some song from MP3.com. I'm afraid I've forgotten what.

Also, the preview you saw was from 'Bananabeard 2', not 'The Portal : Training'

Pretty cool.

Nice flash. Well done, but LegendaryFrog is still the best flash creator.

mrsimon responds:

I never said he was'nt :)


in the name of ragingJEDMAN! and my crew, theFORGOTTENknights, (we dont do flash) i tip my hat to all clocks of the portal.

your work always makes me happy. :)