Reviews for "Clockclocks clockday"

"Stop, don't go any..." *BLAM!*

Happy Clock Day, Clock Clock!
Genius utilizing Banana like this after loading completed. ^_^
Fluent animation, save the interuptions, and the ending is once again purrrfect!
I love you, my friend. Your animations are superb. Nothing to work on save sometimes speeding up your character's voice to speak on par with Strawberry, but that is all.
Excellent work, and a happy Clock Day to you. Don't drink and drive, now.

mrsimon responds:

I was going to have a little bit at the end where me and strawberry were in 'The Void 2', but I ran out of time. :(

cloooocks agen xD

weeeeee that was great xD clocks rule hehe 'stop in the name of b!' i wish i was a clock *cue violin queer assed soppy music* but i guess...uh...im not? :S


That was really quit class.


This movie (#%&*ing RULES! XD
I've never seen a better satire of the CC or LL in my life! SIR! ALL MY 5 ARE BELONG TO THIS! ^^

mrsimon responds:

Bananabeard 2 will be amazing :D

Pretty cool

Ther graphics were excellent but its still a shame that the Clock Crew is death...Well, who cares anyway ? We can always reform a new one with TRUE animators, not 12 y.o. dumb little morons.

mrsimon responds:

Clock crew is not dead. Clockcrew.cc is.