Reviews for "{CW} Abyss {Remastered Final}"

Great job remastering it.

This really kept me moving the entire time. Good thing I have a big chair, cuz I would've broke a smaller one with my 1337 glow stick dancing abilities that I never knew I had until now >.>


Seriously, this came out real professional. Good work =D

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

*dies laughing* that was funny! but i didnt realize this would sound THAT pro! see now i gotta remaster EVERYTHING else lol ^_^v


Awesome song man. Amazing work here. The bassline is brilliant and this song gives a nice feel of being in a trance. Also the intro was just perfect.

1. Synths = 10/10 (Incredible)
2. Set up = 10/10
3. Transitions = 9/10
4. Beat = 9/10 (Needs a different clap sample =P)
5. Overall = 9.6/10

Keep up the awesome work {CW}!

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

thx alot man! although youre right about the clap thing...lol i was too lazy to look for another one hahaha ^_^v