Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"

Ah yes

I was wondering when your new songs were coming.

You know, this song is partially true, since you're a Godess of Lyrics. It's hard not to like your songs with that simple piano style and those awesome lyrics (both hilarious and serious, sort of :P).

Why are you still on Newgrounds? We all know you have some kind of record deal by now. I know you like me, but seriously, go make an album or something ;)


hania responds:

Hahaha - if only it were that easy... to get a record deal, you've got to find a way into a studio - that is hard :)
The saying is true - it's not what you do, it's who you know. Cause that industry is ... sigh... like that.
BUT - never fear - I'm working on it :) I'm even trying studios in Portugal!! So hopefully someone takes a listen and likes what they hear :)

On another note - you know I'll never leave NewGrounds... I love it here !! :)
take care! thanks for the support!!!


you have a talent that has never existed before.
remember this.
God gave you this talent, and I'm glad he did!
I hope you enjoy it.
btw, is that you playing piano?
because that is THE ultimate talent!
being able to play and sing, I can hardly even play piano (started a year ago, now lvl2-lvl3)

oh, shivers again...

I want to cry.

(holding it in)

hania responds:

Wow - thanks :) I'm glad that you like my music :)
And yep - that's me playing the piano.
Take care!


This is another true work of art here.
Your voice is simply amazing, and piano played a beautiful melody. The progression of the song was shockingly flawless--it held the qualities of something you just can't stop listening to until it's finished (which would still be impossible until after about 5 times listening). Like the increase in volume right before you hit the chorus (which was genius, by the way) --I don't know, it just sounded really professional.
At first I thought it (the intro) lacked a sort of fullness, but that would take away from the lyrics. Wonderful lyrics, by the way. Brilliantly written and sung, all recorded together into Pure Awesomeness.
I wouldn't be surprised if this had been one of the top 5.
I'm impressed this withstood the 0-bombers *stares in wonder and drops to her knees, bowing*
-Vesta J


Beautiful, Lyrics=great, voice=great!

Start dreaming more

What a weird dream. Makes a good song.

Start dreaming.