Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"


hania you are the first person that i know that doesn't tell a dream by a pic or a movie but with a song... well i think this song is awesome! and keep doing more ^^ :3


Amazing, very creative indeed
Could you send me the vocal samples?
I am an artist myself, a bit more on the electro side though
I'd love to do a remix

Amazing what else can you say

I love all your music your voice is nearly angelic no it is angelic you need to be found by a record company or something unless your happy with this which is fine but your better then everything on the radio. Keep up the amazing work.


By far, this is my favourite song of yours.

= )

i see this song sumhow relating to u 2 memory song

silver memory, and girl from memory planet. after teh goddess is exild..she keeps seeing the deaths caused by the invaders rampaging and it hurts her so much on the inside she helps the girl from memory planet to kill the leader to end her pain and maybe redeem herself. but thats just me