Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"

Absolutely Wonderous

I love your style and, being a big fan of the instrument, your work on the piano. Your singing voice is also great.

Rarely does a song touch me like this. I believe the last one, and perhaps only other one, was "Azarthian Girl".

Anyway, wonderous work. And do you know when the Tarboy soundtrack comes out?


Love your work, hope you have many more cool dreams. Follow the peoples advice and get famous. Get someone to make a movie about that girl from memory planet, I think thats what it is.

WOW! Amazing!

You have such a beautiful voice!
You just got another fan.
Downloaded and passing on the word of your music in US, Wisconsin.
Looking forward to more songs!
Also excited about Tarboy II and the Soundtrack for Tarboy!
Keep kick'in ass!

Agreed Eva000102...

Eva000102 is right, you should make a CD of your music then you can be able to make money of this music. And who would imagine all of this song was created by one awsome and crazy dream! Okay...you have totally imspired me to do do a piano peice based off of my dream and I have waited to say this for a very long time and hope to hear more from you Hania! ^_^


...Love it

I think you should make a CD, i would so buy it...i'd love to see more songs from you