Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"

Great TEMPO!

It's like this.....stepping stone on glass that goes up and down....greating bright lights and music...your like surrounded by blue skys full of stars....Your white dress and your Goddess cloak flows so well....kinda like Kaguya-hime....the Japanese Folk tale of the Moon Princess.

:) You're so beautiful.

The lyrics you wrote for this are wonderful.

[sighs] Do you have a MySpace or YouTube account? I'd like to know more about you...

You are the best artist I've heard on all of NewGrounds.

I'm not going to be a moron and say "I LOVE YOU!" I don't know you... but I do adore your music. I believe it's in my top five through the whole world of music I have experienced thus far.

I'm going to promote you on my blog. It's at Onision.com --- it won't help too much, as I am still a simple nobody.

Some day, I, you, we'll be someone. You are traveling faster than I... but I'll see you at the finish line ok Hania?

Thank you again for your music.