Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"


I love the sound of the piano in combination with your voice. The piano has many dramatic lower notes drawing attention to just the right areas and the echoing of parts of the lyrics are a nice touch. I think the areas it's most dramatic is the line "They turned against my wrath as Goddess" and I like how it contrasts with the quiet, careful areas such as the first few lines of the first stanza and for "Realizing / I am not free / I am not free" Another thing I like is the inflections and the alteration of speed when you sing the lines "I was murdered and put on this Earth I made" and "Each time I cry it rains for me" I keep coming back to listen to your piano pieces too :) Great job and I hope you keep putting out more wonderful work for us to listen to!

Everytime I listen to this I am inspired to write more of a Storm Goddess shorts series I am working on for fun. The voice of this goddess sounds a lot like her and it tells some of her story before and at the start of the pieces. Each time she cries it rains but it also rains/storms when she's angry.

If you'd like to read them I'd be honored. They're pretty short works. Most don't go over 500 words. The pieces are on deviantArt: http://amarainsevi.deviantart.com/art /storm-goddess-204254498?

Beautiful, catchy & emotion-ridden

It's difficult to find an upbeat-tuned song evoking sadness. The lyrics stick with me ("I wasn't made of soul but meat" made me giggle for a moment but then the realization hits you what has happened). This would be a lovely opening theme for a video or animation; I wouldn't be surprised if someone could turn out a book to this.

Great job!


Of all your songs, I think that this one conveys the most emotion. The line 'Each time I cry it rains for me' is just spectacularly delivered. The rhythm fits the vocals perfectly, and the piano is remarkable. Imo, it's the best song you've done.


I have this on my Ipod and I put it on repeat for like 30 minutes
amazing imagery in this song, your voice is beautiful

You're a Goddess

Oh my, really nice song!